The USS Quad Damage

I guess I didn't know.

Come on, you guys are allowed to update as well - if the next ten posts on the front page are all mine, then there will be documented proof of my patheticness. Opposed to the vague rumours, that is.

Out of sheer boredom today, I underwent a 10 minute scientific study to organise us in a ranking of awesomenosity.

In order of bad to good -

Sunny - Some stupid story about the day he was born. Bloody Indians.
Paulo - Humble (Version of Paul)
Mohammed - Praise worthy (Haha praise you like a shoe!)
timothy - Honouring God.
Michael - Who is like God (A comparison, but still no actual connection to a deity)
nathan - GIFT FROM GOD

The facts speak for themself. Well, that is until you go into last names, which reduces me to a form of poultry. Shit. Someone else can feel free to do a last name ranking.

My brother tells me to keep the cat out of the garage, since he has some (slightly) radioactive material he took from soil samples at work. I think I'll be putting that box under his bed.