The USS Quad Damage

Don't cross the beams!

Well, it seems I've been outdone in the multitasking department, thanks to some random guy in the men's toilet before class. Mobile phone in one hand, penis in the other.

Now that's class.

It would seem that I overdid the whole studying thing just before, seeing how easy the exam ended up being - let's hope this lucky event doesn't put me off my long standing studying streak (one day). Remembering how to write a kanji is getting easier now, since I'm slowly becoming familiar with the various parts that can make up one. "Ah, so in order to write Man, I just add Rice Field on top of Power. Easy." Of course, the readings will always trouble me. The Chinese have it easy - each character has only one meaning and only one way to say it. Most kanji have at least two readings/meanings in common use, which means although I'm aiming to learn around 2000 characters, I'm needing to remember over 4000 pieces of information to go along with them. And then there is name kanji - piss them off!

While being vaguely on the subject of writing, my handwriting has gone under a change rather recently. At first, I would loop the bottom of g and y simply to amuse myself. Now it has become a habit, and has added itself to the unholy mess of my version of the alphabet. This isn't the first time I've made a concious change to my writing style - I remember during highschool making an effort to slant the horizontal lines in J/T/t, and them sometime after that slanting all of my writing to the right. Perhaps, for my next modification, I'll make my letters look like they were written by an adult?

I think I saw Ray from highschool on Monday at the station. I'm almost certain it was him, despite the nearly 5 year span from when I last saw him. Come to think of it, I've seen (or, I think I've seen) a number of people from school in the city I haven't seen since school ended. I'm certain I saw Maya a few months ago, and even with a blank, emotionless face, she still exudes an aura of evil unmatched by even Megatron himself. I felt her demonic presence far earlier than she invaded my retinas. However, my never ending run-ins with The Harpreet Clone have made me wary of approaching people in the big scary city. The big scary city where you can't even see the stars on a clear night. That makes me sad.

I'm really in the mood to start filming something again. The sooner that twit finishes his uni nonsense, the sooner we can forget... well, you know what it was called.