The USS Quad Damage

Ich bin hungrig, demo, mein kuchi tut weh!

I've finally reached the point where I need to study. It's scary, since it's something I've never done before! Even though there is only four hours until my exam, in which I need to cover this semesters material in, I'll be fine. Why is that? Because I've been multitasking! Riding a crappy bike (it doesn't go anywhere!), whilst listening to music and reading my notes at the same time. Now that's efficiency.

Sadly, I seem to be slowly forgetting the German I know. Almost every sentence I make ends up having the Japanese version of a word instead. Will Germanese be making a bid to knock Spanglish from the top spot? I can't vouch for the accuracy in my spelling above, since I don't think I've written any German in five or six years!

That's multitask, not multipass.