The USS Quad Damage

Into the fire.

I must say that a disclaimer is in order. I'm not really a big fan of food. When people note that I don't seem to like anything that is on offer, and then proceed to ask me what I do eat, I often weakly reply with "Uh... bread". Whereas Sunny may have a dislike for foods from cultures other than his own (Paki? Indian? I can never tell the difference with you guys!), I don't like foods from any culture on this little blue planet. Western food included. Although, I am partial to foods with cultures - go figure.

Yes, I am aware that my bracketed comment above will get me killed. Fun fun!

I somehow doubt that people will ever stop eating meat. I don't eat that much of it, and most types of it put me off, but it still remains the only type of food that, on occasion, my body will actually crave for. I can't ever see myself ever needing a quick fix of a given vegetable, regardless of how well prepared it is. Well, unless I fall pregnant, but that's a whole different post altogether.

I don't think that Japanese food is too subtle (bland), rather that Indian food tries to murder your innards with evil deathspices. Food should not come with a ph warning! I can't comment on Wasabi, other than it being a fun word to say aloud. Wasabi!

While on the subject of food, I need to admit to an episode of culinary depravity I resorted to last week. It was Wednesday (shopping night being Thurday), and the cupboards were bare. Now, by bare, I mean that the cupboards were full, but nothing inside was anything I felt I could keep down. I was pretty damn hungry, so I rummaged through everything there to see if there was anything at all I could handle. The following are things that, even if you at your ropes end, should be avoided.

- Dry Weetbic. The milk was gone, and there was only one, well, block left inside the box of Weetbix. Hmm, interesting.
- Icecream cones of questionable age. Similar to above, since we had no icecream. This must be what rubber tastes like!
- Noodles. What's this? nathan is trying noodles? Ever wondered what noodles look like when they come back up? Exactly the same as when they went down.

I am in love with Chanel from Australian Idol. We will have many beautiful children together. Seriously though, although the type of music she does isn't going to let her win the competition, she is easily the best entertainer of the group. Well, with the exception of myself, but I had to withdraw since professionals aren't allowed to compete. What clowns.