The USS Quad Damage


Sunny and myself are able to delete comments. I suppose you might be able to delete your own (I can't tell, since I can delete anything). Look for a little trashcan icon somewhere below your comments. If it's there, you can kill it. Previously, it was set to archive monthly (I'm guessing you didn't notice the links to the earlier archived posts on the side). I've set it to weekly now, so there should be less crud on the front page. If you want to comment on a post no longer on the front page, you're probably better off just making a new post about it.

This is but a tiny, tiny, miniscule, small, minute portion of everything. Hubble is cool.

Fallout 2 - What other game can let you wander a post-apocalyptic wasteland in a robotic suit of armour and go kungfu on everybody's arse? One other, and that's Fallout 1. Deep.