The USS Quad Damage

Whee, Björk!

Moh is an evil tyrant, and his reign will be a thousand years of pain and torment. On the other hand, he has good taste in footwear. I'd vote Moh (Party of one) over our current choices.

In addition to the usual big events (track and field, swimming and, of course, The Dream), I look forward to watching basketball, soccer, judo and taekwando. I'd also like to give fencing a chance - a sport based around poking your opponent with a piece of metal can't be too bad. I suspect Moh will be very interested in the shooting and archery events. That is, assuming he hasn't already infiltrated the Australian team's ranks to take part in said events with his custom-made fully automatic, explosive-tipped, long-range deathbow +6.

Yes, I made a nerd joke.