The USS Quad Damage

Beware the Ides of March... in August!

Do not trust Michael. When he says 'expect some goodies', what he really means is 'I am going to steal everything from your HD. And maybe some of your furniture as well'.

Sunny, your problem is that you had a plan. It is not possible to be both down wit' entropy and hold coherent thoughts at the same time. Choose one or the other, you greedy bastard. And hell, what kind of names are 'Elle' and 'Frank'? Any name that is not formed of six letters is crap. It's true, I read it in some book.

While I'm in such a malicious, foul mouthed mood, I'd also like to state my dislike of Spaniards, people with perfect noses, those who play netball, and the colour orange.

I think I might draw a picture of an orange Spanish person with a nice nose playing netball, and then burn the piece of shit.

Then maybe write a letter to the ABC detailing my outrage. I'll make sure to excessively use the word 'jelly', for no good reason.