The USS Quad Damage

Through the hoop.

I might get around to explaining my stupidity eventually. I imagine it'd be pretty wordy, and will be difficult to explain if I can't find any photos of the machine. We'll see what happens.

Grading coming soon. Although there aren't many classes remaining, I'm confident that I'll succeed if I make every single one. A little bit of training at home leading up to it can't hurt either. I feel that my fear of turning side fall is now gone, and all I really need to work on is to stop messing up which side I'm falling on to. Anyway, getting over the whole flipping yourself over on to your back is the hardest part - the rest is just details.

We are now learning kanji in class, and it's now dawned on me what it is I'm getting myself in to. Learning all 1945 joyou kanji is a process that is going to take me years, and those are just the basic important ones. I think I'll have to start studying from now on. If I'm going to go to all that trouble to learn them, I think I'll take up Mandarin at some point. There is no point bothering to (kind of) learn written chinese and not be able to speak it, is there?

I just wish I had someone to practise speaking with outside of class!

Commander Keen 1-3 - I had never played the older Keen games. Playing platformers on the PC never really interested me at the time - that's what my Sega Genesis was for! Interesting to see that a form of rocket jumping existed prior to Quake.