The USS Quad Damage

Uni? What?

Short people are not to be trusted. Doubly so if they are young. They are nothing but a miserable pile of secrets and lies. They're probably illegal hispanic immigrants too.

Harpreet stole my batteries!

I have been critiqued many a time regarding my odd preferences on food. Sure, I like to mix red cordial and milk, and don't like 99% of foods out there, but at least I don't combine ICE CREAM WITH CRUSHED UP POTATO CHIPS. The O'Ryans are a culinary menace and must be eliminated immediately.

Our cat, Tipsy, has a strange obsession with water. It is impossible to run a tap, fill a bath, use the hose, and so on, without having him run up and think it's time to play. I thought cats hated water?

It's been about a year since I started Hapkido, and my ankles have not improved. It seems that some point I'll actually have to go to a doctor and have them looked at. I hope it isn't time to have more surgery - 9 is enough!

Speaking of surgery, here's some links (1,
2) detailing the sort of operations I had on my arms. There are some differences, seeing as I had this done in the 1980's, and that this type of procedure is usually done on the legs, but it is more or less the same. On a related note, I found a new tumour, and have forgotten where some of my other ones are.

I need to start keeping track of this shit.