The USS Quad Damage

It's too damn cold.

Team nathan is awesome - 4
Team We cheated three times in a game and don't see why we didn't win two games - 1

The scores speak for themselves.

Mohammed is a public menace, and should not be allowed behind the wheel, yet that little journey was only the beginning of horrors that night.

Gee, look at how thick this fog is! Hey, here's an idea, let's go down some scary, unlit road to the middle of nowhere! What, we can only see 5 metres ahead of us? Bonus!

We were scared shitless by a barrel lodged on a wooden post. Because, hey, it looked like a bent over old woman, and that's scary!

My sister gave me my birthday gift today, almost two months early! This was fine with me, however, since I now have a dancing, punching, obnoxious robot with which to terrify the kitten with. Hoo-yah!