The USS Quad Damage

Of course, you realise, this means war.

Oh, look at me! I'm Sunny, and I think I'm better than nathan because I've posted so much! I eat babies and was the man responsible for Mozart's death!

On a completely unrelated note, my name is nathan, not Nath.

The arrival of my cheap, cheap 256MB SD card means I'm now able to spam away with my camera. No more rationing the 11 images it can hold with the internal storage. This should mean an average of two decent pictures by the time I fill it up. Christ, if I were to combine it with skill and knowledge, I could even bring that up to three!

Yet another idea for a film project has hit me, and yet again it will involve ninjas and/or pirates. Dinosaurs and robots are probably outside of our budget. Perhaps this will be one of our rare movies that actually goes beyond the idea stage and actually gets shot?

I've changed my mind about my D20 Modern game. I really want to be a PC, not a DM. Hopefully someone else is interested enough and has the time to run a game for us all. I feel I can contribute far more by being a player rather than being the guy running things. Besides, I have more fun playing a smorgasbord of pricks than I do controlling a barrel of mooks.

What on earth did that last sentence even mean?

Unfortunately, my brother is getting surgery on his leg, so for the next few months I'll have to sleep on the top bunk. What's so bad about that you ask? Even at my age, I am still prone to occasionally falling out of bed!