The USS Quad Damage

You see, the trick is to go in expecting to get hurt.

Seeing the martial arts display a few weeks ago, combined with me being available for Hapkido again, have really made me want to put in all that I have. I realise that due to my disease, I'll never be able to do some of the high-end ninja stuff, but that just encourages me to be the very best at the things I can do. I'll be training everyday from now on.

The first hurdle towards my next belt is perfecting the turning side fall. The idea of doing a flip that ends with you falling sideways on the ground is rather intimidating at first. It is, however, probably the single most important technique to be able to do. I need to endure the aches and pains that come with learning it now, so I do not get seriously hurt in the future. I feel that my progress will be much like that with cat rolls - diziness and sore muscles the first few hundred times, until you mysteriously pull one off perfectly, and never look back.

Another hurdle is my weight. Not so much how it directy affects my performance, but rather the affect it has on my arthritis. The less stress I have on my joints on a full time basis, the better. I want to be as light as possible, and that includes muscle mass.

These issues, as well as a number of other minor ones, no longer seem as troublesome now. I have the right attitude.