The USS Quad Damage

Standard fare, really.

Saturday was good times. It must have been a little over a month since I've seen my friends, so the possibility of me plotting their combined demise was low. Unfortunately, Yoy was not able to attend. Since there was no card for him to mysteriously sign, people did not really notice his absence. The highlights of the day include (I sure seem to like using point form as of late...)

- tim violating me with a toothpick.
- Me punching tim in the stomach.
- Urinating into the ocean.
- My amazing display of willpower by limiting myself to only a handful of jokes at the Nan Tien temple.
- Being totally freaked out by the woman with the big bug eyes at the temple.
- Composing techno inspired by The Fifth Element in the car ride back.
- Finding out it was Harpreet's birthday only a few days prior (what?!).
- Not getting Sunny a gift (excellent).

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