The USS Quad Damage


Nothing really deep here, but I've noticed my IM situation is rather different from that of most people I know.

- I have everyone renamed to their first name. I'm unaware of what handle half of my friends go by.
- I restrict myself to one piece of IM software (if only Miranda ICQ would successfully import my database...).
- Ignoring those with more than UIN, I have only 9 people on my list. The majority of those (8) being people I actually have semi/regular in person contact with.
- I can recall my UIN perfectly, but sometimes have trouble remembering my home phone number (and to hell with my mobile).

I do, however, share the same misery of having to endure several random people trying to get my authorization. These people are all either trying to scam me, sell me porn, or are some strange person from a foreign land speaking in some sort of moon language. I swear, I'm not falling for any of these, so stop trying to add me Simon!