The USS Quad Damage

To bring you up to speed.

On the last episode of nathan...

The grading was a success! I am now a green tip, along with Andrea and Sunny (who did his double grading before I did). In a way, grading at a different dojang is an easier experience. Being surrounded by a number of people I did not know, I found it easier by far to concentrate on what it was I was doing.

It has been far too cold lately. I'm too bloody sore.

I know all the kana now, so I'm moving onto Kanji. Scary. On a related note, I managed to use ピカ�ュ(Pikachu) and ジョペシ (Joe Pesci) in my katakana exam. So very, very proud.

It seems I can recall very little in regards as to what has happened since I stopped updating. I think I shall leave it at that.