The USS Quad Damage

I don't need a reason!

There is something about insomnia and listening to music that makes me want to write. A tired mind is easily influenced, and I find my mood to be seriously affected by whatever is streaming into my brain. A good example of this would be the update on my old site regarding NFS:U - Zen and the art of Rice-mobile maintenance.

It must have been nearing the crack of dawn, and within but a mere few minutes upon my achieving racing victory, my Winamp playlist had changed to End of Evangelion - Itsuwari no Sai. If you have no idea as to what this sounds like, and I'm sure that's the case, I suggest you rectify that. If you have but a smidgeon of appreciation for good music, this track should fill you with the sensation of sweet glory. At least, it did for me.

The following things are required to make a genuine, quality 'nathan' post (or real life comment).
- Sleep deprivation.
- Some sort of aural distraction (for example, stupid friends!).
- A pun quotient of 4 or higher.

So go on, give it a try! Bonus points are awarded if you can include some sort of Passions reference.