The USS Quad Damage


Say hello to Tipsy, the newest member of the family! Just what was God thinking when He made these wacky animals? He stalks me around corners, attacks my feet, and chases things that aren't even there. Complete nutjob.


I managed to pull off a turning sidefall at Hapkido last night. This is probably the most difficult, yet most important thing to do. Essentially, everything I learn from now on will be easier than this. Granted, only one of my turning sidefalls were 'good' - I'll be needing to refine them in the coming months. They sure as hell hurt when you don't do them correctly.


What kind of ending was that?! I didn't sit through three hours only to see that happen! However, this was more than made up by getting to watch Aishwarya Rai for those three hours - she's so damn pretty.