The USS Quad Damage

High and mighty

Saturday night, among other places, brought us to Krispy Kreme. The parking lot there (shared with McDonalds) is disgusting. Nowhere have I seen such an amount of rubbish in such a small area. After purchasing whatever crap it was that we bought (after missing the speaker the first time through!), I took it upon myself to properly dispose of our rubbish. I savoured that moment for a while - it made me feel damn better than anyone else!

Fulms, Fulms, Fulms!

A quick rundown of what is in store...

Project: DAN - Moving along slowly.
FWOOSH - Should be quick enough to shoot. We only need to get around to doing it!
The Critique of Pure Rubbish - This won't happen for a while. The more time we put between this and The Brazier, the better a job we will do at taking the piss out of it.
Ingleburn lookout 'documentary' (title to be decided) - This should be interesting to make - it will be mostly off the cuff, and can be shot at anytime with anyone who wants to be involved on that particular day/night.


Looks like I might be grading at Sutherland in the next couple of weeks, rather than at Campbelltown in June/July. Amy and Andrea will probably be joining me (I'd rather grade with at least one person I know!).