The USS Quad Damage

time warp

Ok, for real this time! I'll be making up for it by being very longwinded from now on.

Training (what a weak pun)

Travelling by train is rarely uneventful. If I'm not getting done in for fare evasion (I honestly did lose my ticket, damn it!), I'm encountering either the drunk and/or crazy. The highlight of thursday's journey being my waiting for my train at Central. An announcement was made over the, uh, announcement thing, which (from memory) went like this. "Cityrail would like to announce that the train on platform 22 is not a urinal." Turning around, I am amazed to see a (rather drunk) man actually pissing on one of the trains. He finishes his business, collects his esky and shovel (!), then makes his way over to where I'm standing.

I quickly relocate.

Hitting balls with sticks

A few people gave witness to my awesome skills at pool on saturday night, with myself and whoever was my partner winning 3 from 4 games! Oddly enough, I am much more accurate at playing "speed pool" than I am when I take the time to line up a shot, practise a hit, stabilise my hand and all that nonsense. The dairy fairy welcomes all challengers!


After my triumph display of my pool abilities, we made a short detour through the back of Campbelltown and LIVERPOOL to get to Harpreet's house. You know, so we can annoy his parents. It is here where our newest idea for a film project materialised. SO DESU - A FILM BY NATHAN PARTRIDGE (and some other gits).

Well, it just has to be better than THE BRAZIER, right? (so desu!)


Assuming nothing important is happening in class on thursday night, I shall be double grading at Hapkido. Christ, am I going to be tired that night!


My MAME project is somewhat on hold. Although I'm just about up to date with the roms, I just cannot trust my brother around an expensive joystick/cabinet setup. For the time being, I'm going to be content with buying a gamepad or two and porting my tiny little computer around and playing on various people's (*cough* Sunny *cough*) televisions.


Is good, although I must admit I didn't think we'd be singing as part of the course. Crazy Japanese!