The USS Quad Damage

time warp

Being sick for pretty much the entirety of January kept me from updating during that time, but I have no (good) excuses for the last two weeks. Back on the horse.

Over all I'm very satisfied with the surgery. One of my eyes is a little weaker than the other but I'm slowly getting used and adjusting to it. Of course, it's going to take me years to break the habit of looking for my glasses when I wake, trying to take them off when taking a shower, etc.

Tomorrow I start at TAFE, yet only today did I find out what bloody rooms my classes are in. It's a large building with many doors to knock. I am looking forward to spending the next few years doing something I want to do. Unfortunately, both my classes are on the same time as Hapkido! Hopefully the days will change for the next semester.

Much to my relief, it turns out Passions wasn't taken off the air, it just went away for a while.