The USS Quad Damage

time warp

I’d have updated this more often, but that would mean having to fix up the mess I made in the film section as well. Simple solution – start the damn thing all over again.

The strangest thing has happened as of late – I’ve taken up regular shaving. Never before have I done such a thing in nearly 10 years of needing to. Very quickly am I reminded why that was so – I cut myself almost every bloody (!) time. *Sigh*, such is the price of not looking like a hobo, I suppose.

My first step towards my previously mentioned possible career path is finding somebody to teach me to drive. Unfortunately, none of the people I live with are good choices – they haven’t the patience to teach this sort of stuff.

Sunny’s techno idea is simply glorious. The 3 minutes he has done so far (only 5% complete!) is hilarious, and really makes you think. I am most definitely looking forward to the two hour long remix version.

I cannot wait until we get back into gaming again. The last few weeks have been devoid of anything RPG related. To celebrate this occasion, I’ve added a section at the top for gaming.

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