The USS Quad Damage

time warp

I have been considering policing as a career choice. It occurred to me that it wasn’t so much the idea of a 40 hour working week that bothered me, but rather the idea of spending 40 hours a week doing something boring, repetitive and predictable. I have to want to go to work!

I need to do two things first. I need some sort of tertiary qualification (any old cert 3 at TAFE is fine) and a P2 license. If I were to get my L plates today, and upgraded to P1, then P2 as soon as possible, it would take two years. I think I’ll give it three years before applying. I’ll have to give this more thought later.

After playing around with my brother’s new digital camera, I became curious as to how I’ll look without my glasses. Normally, I’d need to get really close to a mirror without them to see my face, and nobody looks flattering at that distance.

Wow. I just couldn’t recognise myself. Pictures of my with my glasses have me looking bewildered and confused. Without them, I look like an angry German.

I look forward to perpetuating this stereotype.