The USS Quad Damage

time warp

My running has been improving, with me nearly reaching 20 minutes today. Unfortunately, it’s always my ankles that give in before my muscles or lungs do. When the weather warms up a bit (cold is bad) and the pool is clean, I shall move on to swimming instead. Since the water is supporting my weight, there won’t be any stress on my joints.

I’ve completed editing “The Brazier�. It was rather funny, but for all the wrong reasons. I am very much looking forward to our next project, “Ninja VS Ninja�. We will be putting in a lot more time for this, so it should end up quite good.

Speaking of projects, I intend to make (well, buy) an arcade cabinet and make a dedicated MAME machine. From the small amount of research I’ve done, only a minimal amount of carpentry and electrical skill is needed, so I’m sure that my Father and Sunny can help me out there. Ideally, I’d like to find (and afford) a 4-player cabinet – that would be sweet. Getting the complete (and then continuously updating) MAME ROM set is my first task, which on dialup is going to take forever.

Our game of comedy up-words was, well, funny. We should get around to deciding on a scoring system for it. First Uno, then Uno-attack, Scrabble, and now up-words. Do I see a tradition forming here?

Here are some of the highlight words of that evening, along with their definitions-

pacsigma – what a family from Bankstown do before a trip
smmmmore – a quote from the speech impediment version of Oliver Twist
piquyu – a pokemon that didn’t quite make the cut
liquyu – the evolved form of said pokemon

Well, the important thing is that *we* think we’re funny.