The USS Quad Damage

time warp

Nothing interesting has been happening, but I don’t want to let that stop me from me from updating. For a long time, I’ve mentally kept a list of things I’d like to learn – I suppose it’s time I got around to putting these ideas to paper. Uh, well, not paper…

Martial arts – I began Hapkido earlier this year, so I’ve already gone down this route. However, in the future I’d like to expand on this. Certainly, Hapkido will remain my base, but I want to take something additional when I’m much, much better. I’m thinking either a style which can help me improve in an area I do poorly at, or one which goes into areas that Hapkido only introduces the basics (or not at all). A weapon based art would be cool also.

Archery – I’ve done no research into this, so I’m unsure whether it’s realistic for me to do (money, location, etc), nor do I know what type I’ll do. Modern archery, like Mohammed does with those funky looking SPACEBOWS? Western medieval archery, using a bow you could probably (probably shouldn’t) make at home? Perhaps that crazy traditional Japanese one, whose name escapes me at the moment?

Horse-riding – I’m unsure as to how expensive this can be, but fortunately Scenic Hills Riding Ranch is rather close by. Oh, and combined with archery skills, I could terrorise the peasants throughout the countryside!

Instrument – Either piano or violin/viola/whatever. I’d go with piano most probably, since I can easily afford a cheap keyboard to practise on. I’d hate to buy a several hundred dollar instrument, only to end up not liking it!

Cooking – Seeing as I only learnt how to operate our over this year, I think this one is a given. Amy did this for her HSC, so I’m sure she can help me out.

An actual film-making course! – If, many years from now, we’re still doing this stuff, it’s something to look into. Do they offer this sort of thing at TAFE?

Language – I already have a head start in German. I haven’t given much thought about this area yet.

I hope these things are of interest to my friends – it’s a lot easier (and more enjoyable) to do them with people you know!