The USS Quad Damage

time warp

After reading a thread on SA, it has occurred to me that every single person on this planet is crazy. Here are the strange things about me:

- I cannot close a door normally. I must close them as silently as possible. Car doors can be tricky.

- I get very uncomfortable when eating in public. Usually, I decide to just go without.

- Styrofoam. The sound, the texture – all of it. It takes all of my willpower to prevent myself from leaving the room when it’s around.

- If I only have a day’s growth, I shave without any foam, gel, liquid or even water assistance. Yeah, I’m so tough.

- I am always rearranging a word in my head. Always. I usually sort them in combinations of vowel/consonant patters and in alphabetical order. Did I mention always? For a few hours now, I’ve been sorting the name Whitney over and over. As a result, I’ve become quite good at anagrams, and can instantly alphabetise any word thrown at me.

- An idle, unwatched television makes me cranky, and will eventually turn me insane.

- I eat a mixed plate of food in order of my preference for it (my least liked first)

- I often combine words when I can’t pick between two equally good ones to use. For example: Hover and Levitate can become Hovitate. I usually don’t realise I’ve done it for maybe half a minute.


- I like sitting on my hands.

- I really hate wearing shoes.

- Milk and red cordial. Come on, it (probably) won’t kill you!

- I dislike shortening names, or using nicknames. Every time someone calls me “Nath�, a kitten dies (by my hands).

- I don’t like having “things� on me. Wallet, watch, phone – all bad.

- I enjoy purposely having the scars on my arm on display. Children have no qualms asking “What did you do?!� and touching them, where as most everyone else squirms and tries to look at them as discreetly as possible.

- When walking with people, I tend to shift to the far right, slightly behind. If I by chance end up being the “leader� I usually just stop where I am, letting someone else lead. I have a poor sense of direction, and often forget where I’m going.

- Of all the accents I do, the only one I fail utterly and completely is the Scottish one – it’s my main ethnic background!

- Due to a crazy computer chair, I was unable to grow hair on my shins for a good portion of my life. I’m only now recovering.

- I mix up people’s names quite often. A common thing for many people, but what sets me apart is that I don’t even assign them to the right gender.

- I’ve probably clicked the buttons on my mouse about 1000 times all over the page while writing this.

- My handwriting has not changed since the age of about 7. I also cannot touch the “non-shiny� parts of wooden pencils. Some types of pencil have a covering that is similar to the main wooden part of the pencil, and after about a minute of use, I break out in a sweat and have to breathe for a minute.

- I chew pens perhaps a little bit too much. A pen is often destroyed before it runs out of ink. Several times during high school has a pen burst and emptied its contents into my mouth.

- Oh, I watch Passions, and plan on marrying Teresa.

Oh dear, it seems like I can go on forever with this list. But hey, at least I don’t steam like Michael does!