The USS Quad Damage

Better fonts, colours

I changed the look of the site slightly

I changed some of the colours of the site. The red was a little grating, and the font was one I basically gave up on. The unfortunate thing is that any good font which I find is invariably a Japanese or Korean font, so it’s about 4 megs (as this one is). All I can say is “I'm sorry”, and “I'll fix it some day soon”.

I’m not some snooty font judging Helvetica wanker, I just want a clean look to my site :(

[UPDATE] New Font and slight fixes for mobile.

[UPDATE 2] Adobe’s Source Sans Pro is a godsend. Exactly the font I was looking for.

[UPDATE 3] Lightened the look of the site significantly. It actually looked more like this originally but then I got carried away. Also changed the font to 11pt, which for Linux (and I’m sure Apple) wouldn’t make a difference, but for Windows under certain conditions 10pt gets “stuck” to the wrong pixels.