The USS Quad Damage

Apple Fanbois

Take a close look at who Apple Fanboys target, and you can see Apple's greatest and strengths and weaknesses

It’s interesting to note that when you look at most Apple Fanboi attacks, at least the ones that stick, they are always directed at management. They will almost never attack the technical aspects of a competing product. While they used to, today they will rarely attack the design — iOS is looking long in the tooth, enough that they have to be careful of the replies. The way they attack a competing company is by making fun of the management. I think it’s a fair call. The only time they’re reaching for a good angle is when they attack Google management, but even then only a little. Apple management manages to be competent, which is more than that of other companies.

Just an observation — if you want to know the true value inside of Apple, look at what the fanbois attack in other companies with impunity.