The USS Quad Damage

Tony Abbott is a strange man

There is an Abbott, but no Costello. The Knave is now the King... of the opposition.

Except... wait, he’s not the goddamn King. He’s a public servant.

Some time ago a Julian and a bunch of commenters agreed that we would repeal the marriage act. This was nice from a dotting the 'i’s and crossing the 't’s perspective. As anally retentive programmers, this sort of resolution felt good and we all moved on.

Then I saw the episode of Q&A with Tony Abbott. At one point some gay dude asked him whether he would allow gay marriages and Tony said... something. To be honest it was so awkward and embarrassing to watch him talk I can’t really remember what he said exactly. In the comedic version of events I thought to myself "Yeah Tony Abbott, if only you’d repeal the Marriage Act like we’d all deciWAIT A MINUTE!"

That’s right. Repealing the Marriage Act is simply a nerdy exercise for consistency. Gay people have had the ability to get married all along!

I have a theory as to why the gay dude is not married. He asked his partner to marry him and the partner was like "err.. yeah sure babe, I’d love to get married... just as soon as the government allows it. hehe... yeah damn government eh?"

Man that guy’s boyfriend is a total fag.