The USS Quad Damage

Media Blackout

I propose we buy no media for three months, and we also don't pirate them either. See what happens...

This comic exemplifies a real argument. A similar argument applies to music, but those guys are effectively crippled when compared to the kinds of monstrosities that the games industry can shove up our collective metaphorical behinds.

And, according to the argument, you cannot friggin' pirate this shit either. This counts for both music and games. However, there is a solution that will have a long term impact, and will send a clear message to publishers and big media: Only buy the stuff that will not rape you afterwards, technically or otherwise.

For music, this means only creative commons stuff. For games, this means only stuff that has no DRM whatsoever. Do this for three months. Let’s say from March through to the beginning of June. Pull both piracy and sales down to absolute zero, and that will send a clear message.

Only that’s not gonna happen, even if the required 20 million people read this, they’re not gonna have the self restraint. Sadomasochists...