The USS Quad Damage

She tells it like it is

Is this an Ode? Maybe it's a Dirge? I reckon it's a Dirge!

Pauline Hanson is leaving Australia. I’ve always sort of liked something about Pauline, despite her being a xenophobic idiot. There’s a sort of an “everyman” feel to what she says. It’s badly considered, it falls under “common sense” (even though it’s completely wrong), and the entire “this is what someone would think if they didn't really think about what they were talking about” which is kind of endearing.

But that’s only because no one took her seriously.

Look at the following sentence:

Once it was common for them to own their own home. Not now. It’s a harder place. Sadly, the land of opportunity is no more applicable.

The “Land of opportunity” is a term applied to America. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard it used of Australia. If it was, it was probably used somewhat incorrectly in reference to the American ideal.

Secondly, it applies to migrants. People go to a land of opportunity, the quote is meant like “the grass is greener on the other side”. You don’t live in your own country and think that owning your own house makes the place you live in a land of opportunity.

Also, the quote applies to starting new enterprise (which a lot of immigrants did / do), not to owning homes. That quotation (of Pauline) in and of itself shows a naivete that no remotely intelligent person would ever show.

And it’s so darn cute. Goodbye forever Pauline Hanson.