The USS Quad Damage

Poor Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott has probably been given shit all his life. This is why he hates you and wants you to be unhappy.

Since being declared leader of the liberal party, Tony Abbott has been portrayed in the worst possible way by the media, whether it’s in his budgie smugglers, sitting around looking sheepish, or whatever else to make him look ineffectual, sheepish, or a total dork. There’s two problems here:

  1. You’re saying something without really saying it. I’d appreciate a headline like “TONY ABBOTT IS A WEASEL” much more than having a picture of him appearing like one. Either way, it’d be best if we stuck to his policies instead of the name-calling (verbal or otherwise). At least move the humour to high-school level (that’s what she said!)
  2. I don’t think anyone thinks of him seriously. However, I think there are a lot of people in the far right who actually like the guy and want him to be leader. He might get sympathy votes, votes from the crazies, and... er... god? I’m sure god gets like two votes!
  3. He might seem cute and harmless now, but if he gets government or does something else to get an actual say over things, then he could get really ugly really quickly. I’m sure a bunch of the Germans thought Hitler was hilarious and looked like Charlie Chaplain, and before they knew it, bang Auschwitz.