The USS Quad Damage

Massive Vomit

What is both a siren's call and hella repugnant at the same time?

Ze talks in all caps with no punctuation.

I wanted to do this as a video blog.

A video blog? like Ze frank?

Well... yes, in the sense that it is also a video blog, but not the same.

You reali...

I wouldn’t do the whole “thinking so you don't have to” thing... heh.

Funny. You know about the people who watch video blogs though, right?

What about em?

They’re both too lazy to read, too stupid to write, and too cheap to listen to a guy talking and also taking a breath.

What you mean they like Ze because he cuts out the bits where he breathes in because they don’t want to pay for that bandwidth?


Yeah you know a lot of “vloggers” (I’m using air quotes) do that eh? Man they’re like mini Ze Franks, only he’s not really there to think for them anymore so they keep doing what he did when he was doing it.

using punctuation.

That’s true too. Ze talks in all caps with no punctuation.


Also, ze’s new stuff is a little depressing...

They also have absolutely no fucking patience.

I’m sorry I really should be



OK so not like that then. Are you going to green screen yourself with yourself and have fake conversations with yourself?

That would make it look like I have no friends.

You do have no friends... umm... as in you don’t have any friends...

I have some friends, just they’re about as patient as those dudes who watch youtube videos.


My other arch nemesis... So yeah I guess that’s what I’m going to do.

What are you going to talk about?

I guess the same stuff as this blog, just in a vidular format.

So you’re going to be like community channel, but you’ll hate everything?

I think so, but I’ll need a sign for hate that I can make with my hands.

That’s probably not going to be easy.

Getting my camera out isn’t going to be easy. Screw this I’m just going to type this whole thing up...