The USS Quad Damage

Losing my touch

My mortality finally reaches me, through gaming.

Where's my old gaming crew?

I went back and played a touch of Ikaruga, and (if it’s at all possible) I was actually worse at this game to before. I can feel my fingers not being able to do what I tell them to. To some extent, it’s because I’ve actually gotten used to the PS3 controller, and the Gamecube one feels a bit foreign now. However, there’s a growing fear that I’m getting too old. I haven’t been gaming as much as I used to, and forcing myself to finish off Assassin’s Creed has killed off a lot of my gaming ability, but who knows?

This isn’t the only thing. I haven’t always been brilliant at FPSes, but always respectable. Maybe FPSes are getting tougher, but I’m getting worse. I have terrible days on COD4, and when playing Left 4 Dead (highly recommended if you have friends!) I do OK when playing normal, but on expert I get totally pwned by the undead.

I feel that because I’ve sunk so many hours into gaming, I should really put in the effort to keep up my skills, but with the increasing time commitments, and my brain which is getting freakishly bad at thinking, I’m kind of getting scared of gaming. Especially when it comes to multi-player gaming, I’m kind of worried that new gamers with the benefit of a shed-load of time between the hours of 3pm and 1am are basically going to pwn me. This is really annoying to me for a single reason:

In every conceivable way but age and free time, I am better than they are.

I don’t really see it as being embarrassing, just not fun losing repeatedly. The bad part here is that my skills are improving at a slower rate than the people I’m against, so I’m not really going to get good at the game until everyone’s moved onto something else.

I guess what I’m really saying is, I miss gaming. Where’s my old gaming crew?