The USS Quad Damage

Aaaannnndd we're back

Right then, switch to camera two... and... action!

I completely lost my internet at home. I’m going to write a bitchy article about that soon. At a similar time, site5 upgraded rails to a new version. This caused typo to fail, and my website was down for fucking weeks. I’m so over ruby and it breaking every time something gets updated. While on the whole I’m all for progress, it seems like rails breaks for the hell of it. In case you’re being hosted by someone who updates their version of rails all the time, but handily keeps old versions around, here’s the scoop:

Edit SITE_ROOT/config/environment.rb. Add the line:


(or whatever your rails version is).

This is why I had my site on blogger for a long time. Not only does it get better google rank, and is easier to work with and maintain, it fucking stays up.