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Global Warming: The thing that does not exist

It exists alright, but it's not global warming!

People who <em>do maths</em> are going to use the increased CO2 to do climate models.

A bunch of people say they don’t believe in global warming. Michael on this very blog has written some stuff on how it’s all crap. I can understand their point of view. How can you “believe” in something that is an issue. It’s like not “believing in” abortion. Abortion is something you can have a moral stance on, but that’s about it. You can’t really have a moral stance on climate change.

Carbon Dioxide is a “greenhouse gas”. I guess the theory is, if you had a greenhouse full of carbon dioxide, it would be hotter than a greenhouse full of Nitrogen. This is because things like CO2 store heat and re-release it. I’m sure this is readily verifiable. An email to Mythbusters should do the trick.

Lots of CO2 all over Earth presumably means we store more heat, but things are more complicated. As it turns out, some of that CO2 becomes Carbonic acid (?) in oceans, which perforates plankton. I’m sure that part is something scientists can, again, readily verify.

This Sunday’s heatwave may not be a direct result of more CO2 in the atmosphere, but this doesn’t matter. The increased CO2 in the atmosphere may not be a direct result of humans putting CO2 into the atmosphere, but this does not matter. The key is this: people who do maths are going to use the increased CO2 to do climate models. Climate dudes aren’t giving forecasts ignoring climate change, because they’d probably just be wrong. Insurance companies aren’t charging the same prices for insurance against fire.

If you don’t believe that the CO2 matters, start an insurance company. Your improved valuation of risk means you’ll make a mint and all those misguided insurance companies are going to lose all their business and you’ll be rich. You can also give better weather forecasts and people will start believing you once they see how good they are.

The point I’m trying to make is, Science is like a brick wall. We’re blind and feeling around for where that wall lies, but we definitely can’t break it. A bunch of scientists are now doing work where stuff you could legitimately call “climate change” plays a significant role in their methods, results, and conclusions. Whatever you say about how little you believe in climate change, it’s not going to change the maths. Scientists will probably just shrug their shoulders until you give them a better formula in their write-up. They’ll probably shrug their shoulders if you say that what’s in their formulas is not climate change but something else.They’ll probably shrug their shoulders when you say that humans are not at fault. They might even shrug their shoulders when you tell them that you’re going to keep having a massive carbon footprint.

You’d have to work harder to get them to change the science.