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It's a party, and I'm not invited

No longer looking forward to my high school re-union?

12 year olds look at me funny too, but they're retarded, so they don't matter...

Towards the end of uni, I was looking forward to my high school re-union. So many dudes I haven’t seen for ages. It would be good to catch up and see what we’ve been upto.

Another five years on, and I’m not looking forward to it so much anymore. I still say I am interested, because I actually kind of would still like to see everyone... but no longer in a real sense.

The reason is really simple, and it involves babies – everyone has them now. They’re like a freaking fashion accessory. My brain is still of someone fresh out of high school (seriously, not even uni), but everyone else seems to have moved on. This is vaguely concerning, and I don’t know if I want to meet up with a bunch of “adults”. I can hold my own with a bunch of 12 year olds, but much older and they just look at me funny.

12 year olds look at me funny too, but they’re retarded, so they don’t matter...

This is additional to the fact that the only noobs I see anymore are like Tim, Nathan, and Michael... and I suppose Paulo counts. Harpy’s off the face of the earth, prolly half asleep. I haven’t seen Raji in a long time... in fact during an event I’d rather not try and remember too well. Simon, Jarrad, and Dan are all hanging out, I’m sure, but I’m not involved.

So, a few years ago, meeting up with high school friends meant... meeting up with old high school friends. Today it means awkward hellos with people I haven’t seen in a long time and I’m unsure if we’ll even talk for long outside of "umm... so... you like men huh?"

"... no only 12 year olds... he.he..."