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Aquamarine: A movie I have seen

I was waiting for the cricket... honest!

I still believe their accents sounded put on.

So, while waiting for the 20/20 cricket to start tonight, I was channel surfing and saw a movie start on Ten. Now, considering the time-slot, it was a kids movie, so I should’ve switched channels immediately, but I figured I’d watch and at least see the title of the film. It was Aquamarine, which tipped me off as being retarded, but at the time I thought the logo was a dead ringer for the Sydney Aquarium logo (now that I’ve looked it up I know this is not the case, but I’m sure it looks like the logo for something). Anyway, it piqued my interest.

As I saw the credits roll up I saw Tammin Sursok’s name come up. At the time, I didn’t know she was the girl from Home and Away, but “Tammin” sounded familiar, and sort of Aussie (now I know it’s actually South African). Seeing a bunch of other familiar names, I started to think this was an Aussie movie, which would’ve put it in an... interesting space.

Then I saw Shaun Micallef’s name. I was now watching this movie intently.

I thought everyone in the film was Australian, but putting on (bad) fake American accents. I now know that five of the cast (the five main characters) were actually American. I still believe their accents sounded put on. The whole thing seems to be filmed at Melbourne, but pretends to be in Florida. Micallef is on for like 5 seconds in a non-speaking role.

In short, I watched the movie on false promises... and then I missed the first 5 overs of the 20/20.