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Gaming Quickie

Some people think they're so great, but they're merely OK

Ben Mattes thinks the Prince of Persia game he produced is awesome because it took so many risks which did fairly well.

Ben Croshaw (yahtzee) thinks the new game is “meh”. This is considering he thinks the sands of time series is the best game evar. Exactly how much is Mattes is filling his own sail is hard to tell, but considering Croshaw’s criticisms (and he’s usually on the money with this stuff) it’s kind of unforgivable to call yourself “revolutionary” when clearly your risk taking profile’s been on the conservative side.

In a platforming game, if you don’t jump with absolute conviction, you’ll fall into the ditch. If you don’t jump, you make a carbon copy game which everyone buys and doesn’t really like. If you make the jump, the critics will love it but the more humdrum players will be left behind. If you try and please both, everyone will hate you.