The USS Quad Damage

Sunny Kalsi must die

No wait, it's not what you think... but it is about murder.

If you google up “Sunny Kalsi”, you’ll find a Sunny Kalsi who does wedding photography. That guy is not me.

There’s also a Sunny Kalsi who is on Facebook. He may be the wedding photographer, but he’s not me. Both of their search terms are higher than mine. After their three search terms, it’s like every other term for like 5 pages is about the real me. The primary couple of links are about some fakes.

Sure, their names might be “Sunny Kalsi”, but they have a lesser right to the page-rank, because the internet is my town.

I am deadly serious about this. Not about murdering them, but about getting my page-rank above theirs. They can have page 2. Now to consider strategies.