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Speeding fines as a protection racket

A speeding fine racket is an extortion scheme whereby a powerful entity such as the RTA coerces other less powerful entities or individuals to pay protection money which allegedly serves to purchase protection services against various external threats. Such as being uninsured if your involved in a road crash or being hassled by the man and thrown in gaol for driving without a license.

Those who do not buy into the protection plan are often targeted by police or other law enforcement agencies. There actions are typically thought to originate from the organization itself. When a person or group refuses to pay for protection, word is put out that they are outside of the RTA’s protection (these organizations often exist in the absence of a trusted police force) and that the person or group in question is therefore free game for police or the organization itself.

The protection money is typically collected by the “State Debt Recovery Office”. Although the organization might be particularly coercive in obtaining protection money, it is usually careful to shelter its “mark” from attacks by competitor organizations that similarly attempt to solicit or threaten the targeted individuals or businesses. Disputes between organizations concerning territory consequently arise from two competing organizations attempting to extort from the same “clients”. Such as breaking the speed limit while in another state.