The USS Quad Damage

Save our internets

feel free to kill our whales

I am not really that passionate about the internet censorship thing. At worst I expect it will be an inconvenience, then someone will notice that boingboing is banned. Fifteen to 20 minutes later, the entire internet will be taken hostage, and Kevin Rudd, noticing he can no longer upload his youtube videos, will immediately reverse all censorship related decisions. The internet... I eated it Seriously though, I expect the system will be so ineffective that we'll all find ways around it. I understand that the system was proposed for ridiculous reasons, has a silly rationale (protecting children from child porn?) and is fairly offensive in that it pretty much labels internet users as pedophiles and porn looker-upperers (there's a word for that). However, given that gamers are pretty much labeled as violent killers, it's par for the course. I'll just shoot someone in the face one day, skullfuck them, then blame karma. Child Porn Having said that, I got riled enough to do some "art" for the "cause". I mean, it's like someone is dipping their dick into my tea, and I'm acting like "Oh I'll just drink _around_ it." The government teabagged my internet