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India: The Rest

I finish off writing about the rest of my trip to India

So I had a few more days to catalogue, which I hadn't gotten around to doing. Not having had an hour of free time required to write this made it hard, and now I can't remember most of what I did. On the 12th I went shopping for you guys. Being in the sardine factory which is economy class airfaires, I had to factor in the fact that I had to stay under 20 kilos and everything had to fit in my luggage. When looking realistically, all my grand plans of buying awesome stuff for you guys crystallised into the reality of probably not buying very good stuff at all. One of the things I know now that I should've known before: I should've bought more bangles. I thought I'd bring up the bangles and girls would think they were lame. At the very least I had the problem that I could _only_ give bangles to girls, the bangles had to be of the right size, and whoever got them had to like them. As it turns out _most_ of the bangles fit well, and everyone who got bangles really liked them. Second thing: I had more room in my luggage than I realised. Actually, that's not strictly true. I was packed to the rafters because of all the unnecessary crap I took to India. Worse, I didn't take any presents for my Indian relatives, which left me no left-over room to get presents back home. However, I wasn't really trying to bend the laws of physics. I really should've pushed the limits of my carry case. Third thing: the luggage dudes will let you go over the limit. This one is still a hypothesis, strictly speaking. When checking in luggage, they treated our family as 4 passengers "total" as opposed to 4 individuals. This basically meant that our luggage had to be under 80kg _total_, instead of 20kg _each_. However, I did read for _two_ of us that the weight was around 43kg. I have some doubts as to the efficacy of my claim. For one, I never saw how heavy the other two luggage bags were. They could have been around 37kg. Secondly, there was a guard who (as far as I could tell) was hitting on the luggage girl, and he _may have been leaning on the bags_. The reading, having already been taken, could have been different to what I saw. Either that or they don't care about a couple of kilos... And finally I've realised: I have a lot of friends. I thought I bought a lot of stuff, but when I added it up I didn't even really have enough pressies for my co-workers, not to mention my uni or high school buddies. I'm hoping they'll be happy with pale re-tellings of my blog entries. One of the problems is that I wanted to bring back a variety of things, and most of those things were trinkets. The variety simply isn't there. Now I have an idea of what's available in the market, next time I'll have to ask what to buy people before I go. I should've bought back a couple of shawls or something. The day after, we went to watch "Golmaal Returns": which is an awful movie, but still pretty funny. My brother got more of the jokes than I did. After that we pretty much started packing for Delhi. Because of when the train to Delhi was departing (early - leaving at 7), and when the Airplane was departing (earlier - leaving at 4) we pretty much wasted two days because of interrupted sleep. The final night we spent over another relative's house in Delhi (he's my Tayaji, but I think he's my dad's older cousin). We hung out with his two sons - Sunny and Bunny. I am not making this up. In India, Bunny is a perfectly acceptable nickname. I think. They both play the guitar and sing. They've only been doing it for a year, but must be applying themselves, because they're rather good at it. They enjoy music such as Creed, Brian Adams, etc. They can also play some indian songs on guitar. My brother (who likes Nickelback) could relate to them, and they all played together. Then we flew back far too early in the next morning and got no sleep. I was practically hugging my house when I got back, because it meant no more transportation, and a good night's rest in my own bed. Taking planes, trains, and cars all over a country and to another really takes it out of you. It was worth it though. I met a lot of new people who I've been keeping in touch with (so far. Hopefully it'll keep up), and had a great time in a country I haven't visited in a while.