The USS Quad Damage

Poignant art of wrapping stuff

My first day back at work

Look at my photostream, starting from "here": This is what greeted me when I got back to work from India. Most people get cruel tricks played on them for their return prank. Often, the desk is trashed. Sometimes, it takes a long time to get the desk back to working order. For one of my friends, we turned everything on his desk upside down, from the computer, monitors, through to books, coffee cups, and other items. It would've taken a lot of effort to turn everything around again. My Dimmu Borgir poster I, by contrast, got a masterpiece. Each item on my desk was meticulously covered and parodied, from the large object such as the Dimmu Borgir poster, through to the small objects like the Polio soft toy, the eraser, and my Children of Bodom ticket. It was a real shame to take it down. I've left most of it up (the stuff not required to do my job), it's that good!