The USS Quad Damage

Green canvas shoes

And don't you step on them!

We finally arrive back in Chandigarh, after a 30 hour train journey and a one hour drive. We're wasted, we paid about $100 more than we should have, there were cockroaches, and I've now got a sore throat. And I didn't get any sleep. Despite getting to sleep at 4 in the morning, I still woke up just before the afternoon and we went window shopping. There's so much stuff to buy here it's awesome. I was already making plans for what I was going to get you guys. Both my parents and my brother suggested I buy it another day. Not really sure why, but I complied. My shoes Their whole attitude of "doing stuff later" is starting to bug me. I want to do stuff _now_. Despite telling me not to buy anything, I bought a pair of shoes for myself, and my brother bought a pair of shoes, DVDs, CDs, and games for himself. I have no idea how he's going to fit any of it in his luggage. I can't really say more, because that would give away the surprise of what I want to get you guys. Maybe it'll be nothing due to time running out :(.