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A different kind of hunger

I talk about not doing anything

It's the middle of the day, and both my parents and my brother are asleep after going to the "gurdwara": My expectations of a holiday are gone from being hectic sightseeing to being lazy and slow paced. I can see the idea of being in "holiday mode" when coming back to work. It'll be hard to adjust. Having said that, I've been getting up earlier in the morning than I ever did when going to work, 7 - 8 am being the latest. I'm also shaving more regularly. Shaving doesn't take that long if I do it every other day, but my beard grows so fast that if I miss a day, it takes half an hour to shave. This is why people see me with a beard at work. Half an hour in the morning isn't a lot when I'm on holidays, so I've been shaving more often, which means it doesn't take half an hour to shave. Hopefully this means I'm making a good impression on my relos. All of whom have "beards": Me with a pagri I get up early here in part because the weather is freaking fantastic. It's never too warm or too cold, and it hasn't rained whilst we've been here. The wind is also perfectly still (in part, this is why the smog stays for so long, because the wind doesn't carry it away). I used to wonder about all the fans in India, where Australia doesn't really have any. Now I know - you need the fans to move the air around. In Australia, in summer it's so damn hot that I get no sleep until it cools down a bit, which is right in the morning. This means I wake up later. In winter, it's so cold that when you're supposed to get up, you don't want to get out of bed and freeze your balls off. The fact that I don't have to go to work might also work in my favour when I'm on holidays. Everywhere I go, I realise more and more that all my relatives are awesome. Attractive and smart, the nicest thing is that they're all that _and_ they remind me of... well... me! It just goes to show that my loserishness isn't due to genetics, it's just me that's at fault. In other news, if I was a girl, I'd be totally hottt! One of my cousins looks like a girl version of my brother. Listening I saw some old photos of myself and my parents when they were kids. It's a strange emotion, because in Australia we have just us 4, and here my parents are showing off all their uni friends and where they studied when they were kids. My baby photos are... interesting. There's a photo of my mum's family, and you can tell where I get my eyes from. This might sound strange, but I can see myself in them, so it feels like I'm going to grow old and die. It's not an entirely bad feeling. What makes it bad is that all the relatives in my age group are getting married. Not an excellent benchmark to set for myself. Also, as close as I feel to them, there's this unsettling thought that I don't quite fit here either. Maybe that's just normal. My brother is a hero wherever he goes. I am in a special kind of hell when it comes to food. Before I left, I packed only tight fitting pants so that I wouldn't eat too much. However, every meal here has been special for one reason or another, and I've gotten into the habit of finishing what's on the plate. I'll eat so much of my meal that I'll go over into my ice cream stomach. Dinnertime arrives before I've finished digesting, so I'll go into my _second_ ice cream stomach. Then they serve ice cream.