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Two and a half men - A Review

Check it out guys, I'm back to hating things again

"Two and a half men": is a show with Charlie Sheen et al, and my brother loves it. He's an idiot, though, and the show sucks balls. The show is about a guy named Charlie (Charlie Sheen. I'm guessing it's because he can't actually remember a character name if one was given to him), his brother Alan... etc. The Charlie character is a "free-wheeling" guy who writes jingles for a living, somehow makes a great living from it, and is a ladies man. His character literally spends his time getting paid and laid. "Alan", his brother, comes to live with him after his divorce. He's anally retentive. He's a loser, he doesn't get any. He's a pathetic egotistical man with no life or career, yet he spends most of his time telling Charlie the difference between right and wrong. This is less a "situational comedy", and more just a "situation". If I was "Julia Louis-Dreyfus": I'd be waving my hands in little circles as I said that. Both guys are really unlikeable. All the other characters are... really unlikeable. It's got like three jokes, all about sex. It reminds me of Road Runner, where Charlie is the road runner (except instead of running away he has sex (?)) and Alan is Wile E Coyote (except instead of not catching the road runner he _doesn't_ have sex (?)). The joke gets old, and unlike Road Runner, the delivery here isn't sterling. I'm not really sure what people see in this show.