The USS Quad Damage

MOAR P Plate menaces removed from our streets.

I thought I'd save up a few younger drivers are bad kthxbai posts and roll them all into one.

First up there's the police charging 4 drivers with street racing and speeding.

Two at Colyton and two at Ashfield.

The first comprised on doind 120kph on a dead straight 6 lane section of the Great Western Highway and 130kmh on the 6 lane 110kph speed limit M4.

The second was 120kph on another 6 lane dead straight section of the Great Western Highway except it was at Ashfield.

Both happened outside of peak hours. 8:30pm and 9:20pm respectively. I assume this means that there were few cars on the road at the time and minimal if any pedestrian traffic.

Meanwhile outside of the commercial publications on the ABC website there was a 42 year old doing 200kph whom rolled his car on a piece of flat 2 lane road in rural South Australia. Clearly not news because he's old which means that it was just some guy testing out his new car for kicks and not reckless endangerment of life. Which would have been the case if he'd been doing far less and on a much safer road and been under the age of 25 or with a provisional licence.

There's calls from an Associate Professor to ban driving until the age of 18 on evidence that younger people have higher per driver fatalities than older people and that males, aboriginals and people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds have higher fatality rates. One could easily argue that the two most important reasons older people have fewer fatal car crashes is because they can afford safer cars and the worst drivers have already been culled from the driving population pool (see the story below). Never the less the idea proposed is that better driver education is the answer which leads to...

Another article which highlights the lack of road rules knowledge by drivers above the age of 25. Which highlights the little known danger of driver education. In that the more knowledgeable someone is with the road rules the greater their chance of being involved in a fatal car crash. Since younger people or the vast majority of new drivers have to know the road rules or they can't get their licence which is why they were ommited from the test.