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PETA finds a new tactic

The PETA or the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals usually use either famour celebrities or naked women to attract attention to what ever rediculous message they are trying to peddle to the public.

Now however they have found a new tactic. Claim to want to do something so stupidly outrageous it gets news coverage.

Such as wanting to advertise on the USA/Mexico border wall warning mexicans against the perils of eating meat.

Or saying they want to buy a Sea World, release all the animals and replace them with virtual reality exibits.


Perhaps they could buy old naval sub marines to sink fishing or whaling ships on the high seas.

Or buy the Statue of Liberty and convert it into a giant I'd rather go naked than wear fur advertisement.

Why stop there. Why not claim they want to buy the moon, build a moon base and send the worlds animals there so that they may be safe from humans.


I mean it's not like they are actually going to do it and the more rediculous the better the media story. Thus some journo will report on it because it is apparently news worthy.