The USS Quad Damage

Doomed to a ball of flame.

I liked His and Her Circumstances because it was very terse. The voice overs were done very quickly, and the story was kept concise. The whole time, the punch lines came hard and fast, and so did the emotions. For someone with very little patience, Kare Kano was a great anime.

I would say that it aspires to an infernokrusher aesthetic. I like the idea behind infernokrusher, because it’s:
* Short tempered – Everything is kept concise and minimalist
* Lossy – Due to the sudden flaming destruction of the subject matter, it is required that many things are left up to the reader, or implied.
* Attention-grabbing – The main point here is to keep the key points of something in one’s head. Poignant explosions trigger memories.

I believe this is ideal for documents in a workplace. When places end up with way too much documentation which no one follows, and no one can use their own judgement and decision making skills when following processes, infernokrusher is an ideal aesthetic for these documents to have:
* Get to the Point – Because no one really cares, and the people who you need to convince are antithetic to your point.
* Imply a lot – Expect that your document is skimmed. Make your most important points in the most effective locations.
* Trigger memories with explosions – Make people remember things in your document.

No one seems to agree. Workplaces seem to have this soul-sucking boredom entrenched in their fabric. Ironically, they are doomed to a ball of flame.