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Pedestrian At Fault

I saw some statistic which claimed that 74% of pedestrians being hit by vehicles were the fault of the pedestrian. Even if the percent was 0.0001% I'm stumped as to who pays when a pedestrian is at fault in a car accident.

I did some googling and nothing. I do remember seeing something about the NRMA or some similar australian insurance company suing children for damages caused in car accidents that were their fault. However it was in the context of an article condeming the insurer as a money grubbing organisation.

I would assume if some pedestrian steps out infront of you then they'd have to pay or it would be built into your insurance premium as an accident that wasn't your fault. Thus no no-claim penalty.

Or am I looking at this all wrong and every single car accident where a pedestrian is hit by a motorvechicle is a fault of the driver under the law?